Weinmann VENTIlogic LS Plus Ventilator

Αναπνευστήρας Όγκου-Πίεσης Weinman VENTIlogic Plus
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Weinmann VENTIlogic plus is offering a high degree of reliability & versatility every day at all times, equipped with leakage & single patient circuit

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VENTIlogic LS Plus is the forerunner in the new generation of ventilators. It offers you a high degree of reliability and versatility every day at all times. Its practice-oriented monitoring and mobility concepts are supplemented by unique ventilation functions.

VENTIlogic LS Plus has leakage and single patient circuits. In addition VENTIlogic LS offers a double patient circuit system with patient valve and volume-controlled ventilation modes (VCV, aVCV).

Areas of Use:

  • For treatment of adults and children starting with 50 ml tidal volume and 5 kg body weight.
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation.
  • In hospital and at home.
  • Stationary and mobile.

Mobility concept assures more freedom:

The mobility concept in VENTIlogic ensures safety and reliability in the delivery of required ventilation. That gives both you and your patients more freedom.

  • Mobile use for intra-hospital transfers: With 9 hours of battery power (internal rechargeable battery and optional replaceable battery* have a capacity of 4.5 hours each), VENTIlogic LS can adapt to any change of location.
  • Mobile use at home: VENTIlogic LS Plus gives your patients freedom of movement.
  • Sure in an unsure situation: Leakage is reliably compensated for in volume and pressure controlled modes.** The high-performance blower ensures continuous patient care in mobile use and difficult ventilation situations, even with imprecise fit of patient interface.
  • Special Shock Resistance.
  • Shock and vibration resistance were specially tested against recognised standards to ensure device's compliance with demands in mobile hospital and domestic surroundings. (Shock test as per IEC 60068-2-27 and Vibration test as per IEC 60068-2-64).

* The operating range of the rechargeable battery depends on the settings of the ventilation parameters and on the battery's age and charge level. The internal battery may be used only as an emergency source of power and not as a continuous primary source.

** Reliable leakage compensation in volume-controlled ventilation modes is possible only with a system-specific leak circuit or double patient circuit system.

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