Veinlite EMS

Veinlite EMS
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The Veinlite EMS is the most affordable portable vein finder for general vein access in adults & children, with 16 dual colored LEDs operated by a single switch

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The most popular portable LED vein finder for efficient IV access in emergency medicine. A simpler version of the Veinlite LED, the Veinlite EMS uses 16 LEDs (12 orange and 4 red). It is a lower cost option for vein access in adults and children and is well suited to emergency response teams. The Veinlite EMS uses 2 AA alkaline batteries and has a single switch to illuminate both orange and red LEDs. The Veinlite EMS kit includes disposable plastic covers, 2 AA batteries, a snap-on pediatric adapter and a snap-on light shield attachment. An optional carrying case with belt clip can be purchased separately.

Veinlite EMS is ideal for:

  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Home Healthcare Providers
  • Can be used on Adults and Children

Veinlite EMS features:

  • Optimal area of illumination
  • Works on all age patients
  • Patented color for high contrast imaging
  • Works on dark and light skin tones

Veinlite EMS specifications:

  • Number of LEDs: 16 (Orange 12 + Red 4)
  • Number of Switches: 1
  • Inside Ring Diameter: 21mm
  • Battery Charger: No
  • Batteries: 2xAA Alkaline
  • Battery Life: 360 minutes continuous
  • Pediatric Adapter: Included
  • Light Shield: Included
  • Weight: 108gm (including battery)
  • Dimensions: 15mm x 55mm x 21mm

Veinlite EMS kit Includes:

  • EMS Veinlite
  • 16 LEDs in 2 colors
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 50 disposable covers
  • Light shield
  • Pediatric adapter
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