Automatic sterilizer SA 260MA

Automatic sterilizer SA 260MA
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Tabletop vacuum αutomatic σterilizer 24 Liter, by Sturdy

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Pre & dry vacuum autocalve sterilizer, with microprocessor temperature control system
The innovative and versatile autoclave, which combines compact and elegant design with high performance, reliability and safety.
Microprocessor control system: Fully automatic control from add-water to sterilization, to dry. 24 programs for your professional selection.
  • Dual water level check device: one for water tank and the other for chamber water level check.
  • Low water alarm and indication: if water isn’t enough, the “Low Water” indicator will illuminate with buzzer.
  • Pressure door auto-lock device: the door can’t be opened, when chamber pressure is over 0.2 kg/cm2.
  • Error indication: To help the users and engineers to find the function problem automatically.
  • Special PRION, BOWIE-DICK, Re-Dry function for selection.
  • CE certificated.
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