Seca 218 measuring tape with dispenser 500pcs

seca 218 measuring tape
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Seca 218 disposable measuring tape in practical wall dispenser with measuring range 0-100cm and graduation 1mm.

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Disposable measuring tape Seca 218 by Seca now offers the environmentally friendly and high-quality, practical wall dispenser for improved hygienic conditions. Now you have the desired measuring tape at hand when you need it. The small, space-saving wall dispenser is easy to install and to refill.

The Seca 218 measuring tape is available when needed. One hundred measuring tapes fit into this small wall dispenser that releases them one at a time. The dispenser can be mounted easily anywhere at all. Refilling is also a simple task.

The Seca 218 measuring tape  has a reading aid with highly legible measurement points for precise results. Thanks to the carefully chosen weight of the paper, the measuring tape is strong enough to do the job and light enough to tear easily from the wall dispenser. It’s an environmentally friendly solution that can be recycled simply.

The disposable measuring tape Seca 218 fulfills demanding medical hygiene standards. One-time use of the stable measuring tapes to prevent cross infection.

You can select 500 pieces with wall mount dispencer or 1.000 pieces without wall mount dispencer.

Measuring range: 0– 100cm
Graduation: 1 mm
Weight of device: 4 g
Dimensions of wall dispenser (WxHxD): 50x73x36mm
Quantity: 500pcs

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73 mm
seca 218 measuring tape

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