Welch Allyn DS55 DuraShock Hand Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

Welch Allyn DS55 DuraShock Hand Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
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The Welch Allyn DuraShock DS55 provides a traditional thumbscrew-style air release valve and identification labels that can be customised.

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In busy medical environments where equipment needs to be rugged and robust, Welch Allyn aneroid sphygmomanometers incorporating shock-resistant DuraShock® technology keep blood pressure gauges safely accurate and calibrated longer compared with traditional aneroid sphygmomanometers.

The sphygmomanometer Welch Allyn Durashock DS-55 has perfect design and is quite lighter than the common pressure gauges.

It has high resistance calibration even after falling and is guaranteed for 10 years through calibration technology Durashock of Welch Allyn.

The release of air is via the ergonomic air valve features and engraving screen manometer through laser is the way that ensures the best possible accuracy in measurements!

The measurement accuracy is +/- 3 mmHg. It does not include Latex. The package includes adult cuff.

Manufactured according to the highest standards of European and American Law ( see American National Standard ANSI / AAMI SP10: 2002, manual, electronic or automated sphygmomanometers, European Standard EN 1060-1: 1995, Non-invasive sphygmomanometers, Part1: General Requirements, European Standard EN 1060-2: 1996, Non-invasive sphygmomanometers - Part 2: Supplementary requirements for mechanical, sphygmomanometers (excluding section for graduation mark thickness and spacing), INMETRO Technical Metrological Regulation Number 24 of February 26, 1996 (excluding Section 6.4 for pointer thickness, and section 6.8 for graduation mark spacing).

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