Riester Big Ben Round R-1453 sphygmomanometer

Riester Big Ben Round R-1453 sphygmomanometer
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Analog desktop blood pressure sphygmomanometer Riester Big Ben R-1453, with round screen of 146 mm diameter, pressure gradient up to 300mmHg

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Riester Big Ben R-1453 desktop blood pressure monitor is an analog sphygmomanometer specially designed to have stability and durability during use. It has a round legible screen with a diameter of 146mm with a pressure rating of up to 300mmHg and a cuff with a latex air chamber 24-32cm.

Riester Big Ben R-1453 desktop sphygmomanometer features a latex pointer connected to a high-precision chrome valve with an easily rotating faucet. It offers the possibility of transporting its components, through the specially designed metal storage basket that it has.

Riester Big Ben R-1453 table sphygmomanometer allows the use of a larger cuff circumference in overweight people, it has a 3m long spiral and a maximum deviation of results of +/- 3mmHg.

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