Zamst Shoulder Wrap 474801

Zamst Shoulder Wrap 474801
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Compressive shoulder support with dynamic stabilization.

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Shoulder support by Zamst helps stabilizing the shoulder. Unique cutting and stitching techniques create a 3-D shape that delivers optimal fit and support while enabling free, natural movement.

The shoulder wrap, because it delivers compression, proprioception and stabilization, ensures effective muscle coordination and promotes stability of the shoulder joint while enabling unimpeded movement.

Sleeve-style support is simple to use. Fastening system enables precise adjustments to arm compression.

Measure the circumference of the arm at the shoulder joint. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.

The sizes of the shoulder wrap are Small (32 - 39 cm), Medium (39 - 46 cm), Large (46 - 53 cm) and X-Large (53 - 60 cm).

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