Stadiometer BSM 370 BMI measuring device

Stadiometer BSM 370 BMI measuring device
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Portable electronic scale BSM 370 by Biospace with integrated electronic height meter, suitable for children and adults

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The portable electronic scale BSM 370 is ergonomically designed with a touch bar and sophisticated measurement sensor for precise height measurement.

The BSM 370 has a compact and light weight design with wheels and sliding down & foldable design for mobility. It also features one-stop installation without any tool

The BSM 370 measures Height, Weight, BMI. For height it has a range 90 ~ 200cm with error range of ± 1mm and for weight it has a range 10 ~ 200kg. Measurement modes are Weight and Height / Weight only / Height only. Height measurement A(Measure height after weight measurement), NA(Press ENTER button after measuring weight to measure height.). It offers quick measurements, measurement duration for weight, height measurement : 7 sec just weight 2 sec and just height 5 sec. (standby time 2 sec.)

Zero Setting Auto 0kg calibration during 3-15 seconds of warming up

External interface RS-232C 1EA

Printer Thermal Printer(Optional, the printers recommended by Biospace)

Dimension When Touch Bar is down : 380(W) X 510(L) X 1350(H) mm, When Touch Bar is up : 380(W) X 510(L) X 2126(H) mm

38 cm
213 cm
51 cm
16 kg
Data sheet
Scale type
Column scale
Display type
Maximum weight
200 kg
Additional functions
B.M.I. (Body Mass Index)
380 x 510 x 2126 mm