BSM 330 for BMI measurement

BSM 330 for BMI measurement
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Experience the quality of the most advanced BMI measuring device on the market. Provide improved service that is both quick and reliable

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May perform in conjunction with the InBody body composition analyzer to transfer accurate height information, increasing the accuracy of measurements.

The BSM 330 provides accurate height, weight and BMI combined with elegant design, LCD display and a friendly user interface.

The 330 has various modes for height measurement, AUTO(Automatic system after weight measurement), MANUAL(Press ‘STOP’ button after weight measurement to measure height manually) and more specifically measurement Mode F(Measurement range 95~205cm) /H(Measurement range 95~160cm), WH(All measurement of weight and height) /W(weight measurement only)/H(height measurement only). It features weight upset from +5.0kg to -5.0kg, 0.1kg unit adjustment.

Measurement duration weight X height measurement is only about 7 seconds, weight measurement is only 2 seconds and height measurement is 3 seconds. It has a height range 950 ~ 2050mm with an error range ± 1mm and weight range 10 ~ 250kg. With 0kg Adjustment Auto 0kg calibration during 3-15 seconds of warming up

External interface RS-232C 1EA

36 cm
224 cm
57 cm
18 kg
Data sheet
Scale type
Column scale
Display type
Maximum weight
250 kg
0.1 kg
Additional functions
B.M.I. (Body Mass Index)
360 x 570 x 2235 mm