myAirvo2 nasal High Flow respiratory support

myAirvo2 nasal High Flow respiratory support
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The myAirvo™2 nasal High Flow respiratory support system from Fisher & Paykel delivers a wide range of 2-60L/min of oxygen while keeping the temperature and humidity levels in the lungs to normal.

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The myAirvo™2 nasal High Flow respiratory support system from Fisher & Paykel delivers oxygen, maintaining the temperature and humidity conditions in the lungs, at the same values ​​as normal breathing. Oxygen delivery has been the first treatment option for hypoxemic patients for many years. High Flow oxygen is delivered with special nasal devices of larger caliber than in normal oxygen therapy.

The myAirvo™2 High Flow respiratory support device has a humidifier with a built-in flow source that provides high flows of air/oxygen mixtures to patients, through various interfaces up to 60L/min. The myAirvo™2 that comes with a range of accessories (mask or tracheostomy) is a complete system that provides flexibility, mobility, and convenience.

The High Flow myAirvo ™ 2 oxygen therapy system has the following flow settings:

  • 10l/min to 60l/min: with step/adjustment every 5l/min (factory setting)
  • 2l/min to 25l/min: with step/adjustment per 1l/min (pediatric adjustment)


  • High performance
  • Complies with the ISO standard (8185: 2007) for the humidity of the respiratory system
  • Quiet operation day and night
  • Variety of patient interfaces for upper airways and bypassed airways
  • Wide flow range: 2-60lt / min
  • Graphic settings menu
  • Complete mixing of O2 from a concentrator or flask
  • No sensors or external air supply required
  • Dimensions: 295mm x 170mm x 175mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg (unit)/3.4kg (with accessories)
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz

Patient interfaces:

  • Nasal tubes OptiFlow
  • OptiFlow tracheostomy interfaces

The myAirvo™2 High Flow respiratory support system features:

  • F&P AirSpiral heated breathing tube: Dual spiral heater-wires and an integrated temperature sensor. No separate temperature probes or heater-wire required.
  • Variety of F&P Optiflow interfaces: The system can be used with Optiflow nasal interfaces as well as direct-connect tracheostomy and mask interfaces.
  • Controlled oxygen delivery (when required): Oxygen from a concentrator or cylinder can be added. An in-built ultrasonic analyzer requires no calibration, service, or replacement.
  • Designed for a simple setup, use, and cleaning: Helpful on-screen animations assist with setup and troubleshooting.
  • Adjustable temperature and flow settings: Three temperature settings (37, 34, 31°C) help achieve comfort and compliance. The integrated flow generator delivers a wide range (2 - 60 L/min) for both pediatric and adult patients - no wall air supply is required.

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