Raised toilet seats

Raised toilet seats are designed to be placed over the basin and increase the height of the seat by 10cm to 15cm. With their ergonomic design and the possibility of choosing an adjustable height, they provide optimal support, reducing the pressure on the knees and the lower back. 

Using a raised toilet seat reduces the risk of falls and injuries by providing a stable and safe use, especially important for people who may be more prone to accidents. In addition, using a raised toilet seat promotes proper posture by relieving pressure on the knees and hips.

The raised toilet seat in terms of construction material can be either plastic or made of soft foam material. In both cases, the seat height can be from 10cm to 15cm. Plastic toilet risers are available either with handles or without handles, depending on what it serves, and offer more safety to the user. They fit most toilets and are easy to install - no tools are required.

At medi-shop.gr, you can find a wide variety of raised toilet seat products, with or without handles, made of plastic or foam material to choose the one that best suits your needs. Raised toilet seats are designed to make it easier for the user to get up and sit down.