Physiotherapy disposables

Physiotherapy disposables are an important part of physiotherapy and provide the basis for effective and safe treatment. They are essential to meet the needs of a physiotherapy center, as they are used for the smooth operation of physiotherapy equipment or the application of treatment by physiotherapists. 

The use of disposables in physiotherapy provides multiple benefits. Firstly, they offer ease and convenience of use as the healthcare professional replaces them after each use without the need for cleaning or disinfection. This saves time and effort. In addition, the disposables comply with all hygiene standards reducing the risk of contamination. Therapists can be assured that new consumables are used every time they receive treatment, providing a safe environment. Finally, physiotherapists can choose the physiotherapy disposable that meets the needs of each patient and the type of treatment they provide.

Physiotherapy disposables include physiotherapy vacuum sponges, cream for TECAR therapy suitable for use in capacitive or resistive therapy, paraffin, and paraffin oil, acupuncture needles, vacuum electrodes, massage lotion, etc.

At you can find a wide range of professional-grade physiotherapy disposables, designed to meet every need.

Fiab ultrasound gel 1Lt
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Fiab physiotherapy ultrasound gel 1lt with water-based composition, that cleans without leaving any residue and is suitable for all ultrasound and IPL applications.