MIROxi Oximeter

MIROxi Oximeter
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MIROxi surpasses the limits of all conventional instruments which can only record SpO2 and Pulse Rate. 

MIROxi surpasses the limits of all conventional instruments which can only record SpO2 and Pulse Rate. Its extensive and innovative integrated functions make it the most unique oximeter on the market!

Up to 1,000 hours recording (2 or 4 seconds intervals), with direct printer connection via Bluetooth®.

Test data can be archived and then recalled using patient name.

With graphic display with user friendly icons and messages to facilitate use. On-line PC connection with icon interface

Internal memory with back-up of measured values, for up to 10 years even in absence of batteries.

Data and graphs export also via e-mail

MIR  MIROxi  calculates all parameters referred to in peer reviewed scientific literature and all principal “specific” statistical indexes by typology of test (ie: min, max, mean SpO2 and Pulse Rate, Delta Index, T90%, T89%, T88%, T87%, ODI, NOD, etc.).
All parameters are shown on the display without the need to connect to a PC.
Possibility to insert “extra-oximetry” data (ie: dyspnea, fatigue, distance) for automatic calculation of special diagnostic indexes such as the AUC/Distance (Area Under the Curve/Walked Distance) which are very useful to compare two different walk tests carried out by the same patient.
Sleep oximetry with desaturation analysis, 6 minute walk test (6MWT), short and long term SpO2/BPM recording and real time test on PC.
Possibility to modify the registered data (start/end walk test phase, ignore artefacts, etc).
One of the most distinctive elements of the MIROxi is the “specialised and detailed”, report printout in colour which is easy to read and facilitates the diagnostic interpretation.

Wide range connectivity feasibilities and data transmissions via USB, RS232 (cable on request), Bluetooth® to printer, PC, or mobile phone, acoustic coupling to a normal phone for and telemedicine applications.
With available options the paediatric reusable probe, the adult disposable probe and a RS232 cable for PC.
Standard configuration (included in the price) is a USB cable , a carring case, a user manual, an adult reusable probe, a N°4 AAA alkaline batteries and  a winspiroPRO PC software.
The basic parameters are SpO2 (baseline, min, max, mean), pulse rate [baseline, min, max, mean], T90 [SpO2<90%], T89 [SpO2<89%], T88[SpO2<88%], T87[SpO2<87%], SpO2 events, pulse rate events [bradycardia, tachycardia], Δ index [12s]. 
Six minute walk test with specific parameters like TΔ2 [SpO2≥2%], TΔ4 [ΔSpO2≥4%], recording time, time [rest, walking, recovery], walked distance, predicted distance [min, standard], AUC/distance, borg dyspnea [baseline, end, change], borg fatigue [baseline, end, change].
In sleep test specific analysis are the total desaturatin events, the desaturation index (ODI), the desaturation [mean value, mean duration, longest duration, nadir peak], ΔSpO2 [min drop, max drop], total pulse variations, pulse rate index, NOD 4 [SpO2 baseline-4%; >5 minutes], NOD 89 [SpO2<89%; >5 minutes], NOD 90 [SpO2<90%; Nadir <86%; >5 minutes].

With STN graphic, 128 x 64 pixels display and a Keyboard with membrane and 6 keys.

With connectivity and data transmission through USB, RS232, Bluetooth®, acoustic coupling.

With power supply in 4 x 1.5 V, AAA battery.
With dimension 106 x 62 x 26 mm.
It weights 160 grams (battery included).
SpO2 range at 0-99% and SpO2 accuracy at ± 2% between 70-99% SpO2. Heart rate range 30-254 BPM and heart rate accuracy at ± 2 BPM or 2%, whichever is greater.
With a CE 0476 and an ISO ISO9001-2000, ISO13485.
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