SISSEL® Soft Curve orthopedic pillow

SISSEL® Soft Curve orthopedic pillow
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Lightweight anatomic pillow helps to relieve pain and prevent tension in the neck during sleep

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Memory foam, orthopedic pillow, Soft Curve by SISSEL.
On our  Soft Curve pillow, the weight of the head and neck are evenly distributed as the pillow provides a soft but stable base.

The special shape and material offers optimal support and guides the cervical spinal column into the correct position. Joints and muscles can relax, blood flow remains unobstructed, regenerating your body.

You start the new day revitalized pain-free. The pillow is molded in one piece, guaranteeing consistent quality and durability. Unlike another viscoelastic pillow, Sissel's remains pliable even at low temperatures.
The Soft Curve pillow is suitable for supporting muscle treatment of injuries to the neck or scoliosis. Helps fight the pain and prevents tension in the neck .

Unlike other pads of visco-elastic filling the Temp-Control Sissel® not harden at low temperatures. It has a soft cap of fluffy velor , offering ultimate comfort during sleep.

The cover can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees, while the inside of the pad washed by hand .

The SISSEL Soft Curve is available in 3 sizes, the Small (63 x 31 x 8 cm), Medium (63 x 31 x 10 cm), Large (63 x 31 x 13cm).

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