3A Funneb nebulizer

3A Funneb nebulizer
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Piston compressor and nebulizer Nebjet for baby. 3A Funneb nebulizer features 60 kPa operating pressure and 10 lt/min air flow.

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3A Funneb pediatric nebulizer is a child friendly nebulizer that has a reliable piston-driven compressor system which delivers liquid mist medication.
The nebulizer dispenses medication quickly, and it's durable. it comes with 3 year warranty.

A nebjet nebulizer (polypropylene), a nosepiece (polypropylene), a mouthpiece (polypropylene), an adult mask (pvc deph free) perfumet, a child mask (pvc deph free) perfumet an accessorie’s connector (polypropylene), an air tube (pvc deph free), spare filters (3 pcs.), a carrying case, non-toxic and washable markers (4 pcs.), a compressor piston compressor, with max at pressure 185 kPa, operating pressure at 60 kPa, air flow 10 l/min, operating cycle 20/40 min. l/O andnoise level 58 dBA.
It weights 1.1 kg, with Mdd class lla, capacity at 12 ml, respirable volume < 5 μm 75%, Mmad (mass median aerodinamic diameter) 2.61 μm, Neb rate at 0.35 ml/min and residual volume 0.7 ml.
1.10 kg
Data sheet
Nebulization Time
10 l/min
1.1 kg