Medicine droppers

Medicine droppers are designed for administering medications to infants, children, and adults to ensure accurate dosing. 

In general, medicine droppers are either glass or plastic. Glass droppers are ideal for use in kitchens, laboratories, etc. while plastic droppers are mainly used for administering medicines. Plastic medicine droppers are of different types. A medicine dropper is an eye dropper with a tip made of plastic or rubber where by pressing it, the medicine is taken, or a graduated syringe or a graduated spoon. In either case, the administration of medicine or any other liquid is easily and accurately done. 

At, you can find grooved, high-quality medicine droppers with graduations. Tube medicine droppers, syringe medicine droppers, or spoon medicine droppers

Acu-Life medicine spoon
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Acu Life 2 teaspoon medicine spoon with easy to read measurement and capacity o 10ml. Made of high quality, non-breakable polystyrene.