Servox digital larynx

Servox digital larynx
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The Servox digital larynx by Servona has numerous user-friendly details. In addition to the basic manual settings, the digital electronics have a serial interface fo

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Digital electronics with serial interface
In addition to the basic manual settings, the digital electronics have a serial interface for connection to a PC. With the aid of special software, a wide range of individual settings can be selected and stored. – USB cable now also available.
Optical battery control
The Servox digital has a red Flasher which signals that the battery reserve has been reached. An elaborate energy management system protects the battery from being discharged completely and lengthens speech duration by reducing
energy consumption.
Processor-controlled battery charger
The intelligent charging technique ensures simple, safe and rapid recharging of the reliable Servox battery. The battery can be left in the Servox digital during charging. A replacement battery can also be charged at the same time.
User-friendly handling
The Servox digital has numerous user-friendly details. For example, the carrying cord can be changed or removed by the patient. If the carrying cord has been removed, the opening can be closed using a cord protector.
Functional hip bag
Among the accessories is the dark blue nylon hip bag specially designed for the Servox digital. A separate compartment makes it easy to carry a replacement battery safely. The bag can be adjusted to fit belts of various widths.
Oral connector with adapter
If it is not possible to position the device against the neck (e.g. following radiation treatment or surgery), there are three other possibilities to achieve the correct sound vibrations in the oral and pharyngeal cavities. 

For this purpose, the adapter with the two different oral connector tubes is required. Three combinations are available: adapter with long oral tube (minor infiltration of saliva), adapter with short oral tube (soft in the mouth) or adapter without oral tube (for the highest volume level).
Two different screw caps
Clear articulation and the safe, coordinated pressing of the buttons are crucial for good comprehensibility. Upon delivery of the Servox digital Speech aid, two screw caps are provided, one with harder and one with softer sound characteristics. 

Therefore, the individual adjustment of the Speech aid is adapted to the personal needs and desires of the patient.

PC data transfer set
Additional optional settings can be made using a PC. For this you need the PC Transfer Set. This contains the data cable for the PC, the related software and a titanium housing with a recess. These products are not part of the standard scope of delivery.
This simplifies the possibilities for the professional user to set the Servox digital Speech aid within the framework of vocal rehabilitation.
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