Kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are ideal for beginners and experienced users who wish to know at all times the weight and amount of ingredients they add to their recipes or who wish to measure the amount of food they consume.

Using a kitchen scale offers multiple benefits. One of the most important is how it allows the precise measurement of the ingredients to be used in a recipe. Several times the measurement of the ingredients is done using cups or spoons, resulting in a deviation from the desired result of a recipe. For this reason, food scales ensure that the desired amount of an ingredient required in a recipe is used. Additionally, using a precision scale saves time as all ingredients can be measured in one bowl, saving time and reducing the number of plates or other utensils to be used for measurements.

There are 2 types of kitchen scales: digital and analog, with analog tending to be completely replaced by digital. Precision digital kitchen scales have a small LCD screen that displays the weight of the ingredient, while most models allow you to switch between different units of measurement, such as grams, pounds, etc. In addition, they have additional features such as a counterweight function that allows you to weigh multiple ingredients in the same bowl without having to empty it between measurements. Accordingly, analog kitchen scales use a spring to measure the weight of the ingredient and display it on the dial. They are usually more affordable but do not provide as accurate a result.

At, you can find digital food scales of the latest technology, designed for use in every kitchen, pastry shop, laboratory, etc. Get kitchen scales with functions such as deadweight function, 1 gram graduation function, auto-off function, overload indicators, etc.

Beurer KS 34 kitchen scale
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Beurer KS 34 kitchen scale with a sophisticated design and maximum weight capacity 15kg. With a magic LED display which is only displayed during measurement.
Beurer KS 26 kitchen scale
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The modern Beurer KS 26 kitchen scale with extra-large glass weighing surface (15cm) is easy to clean and therefore your perfect kitchen companion