ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam S 750ml

ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam S 750ml
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ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam S 750ml is an effective disinfectant against a wide range of bacteria & viruses suitable for medical devices & ultrasound probes

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ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam S in an innovative product that offers the unique advantage of a patented broad-spectrum hydrogen peroxide formulation.

ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam S works against a wide range of bacteria and viruses and leaves no active residues due to its rapid evaporation rate.

ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam S is effective due to Broad spectrum of action and short reaction times. 

It is also safe due to the excellent material compatibility, the active ingredient decomposes into water and oxygen and there are no active residues.

  ECOLAB Incidin OxyFoam Sis user-friendly due to the cleaning and disinfecting process in one step.

Manufacturer: Ecolab
Capacity: 750ml

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Medical instruments
750 ml