Ri-focus LED Medical Headlamp 6090

Ri-focus LED Medical Headlamp With lithium batteries
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The Riester ri-focus LED Headlamp works with batteries and offers ideal illumination for examinations at a distance of 40 cm.

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The Riester ri-focus LED Headlamp offers ideal illumination for examinations at a distance of 40 cm. The LED headlamp has an easy-to-clean headband, which is equipped with removable, washable padding. The LED bulb has a lifespan of approx. 50,000 hours.

Product Details

  • Riester ri-focus LED headlamp with integrated battery compartment and integrated charging socket 
  • Very white and cold light (6,500° Kelvin) 
  • Continually adjustable focus of approx. Ø 40 mm - Ø 200 mm (at 40cm distance)
  • Comfortable, balanced and fully adjustable Riester ri-focus headband
  • Headband and padding on the inner side is easy to clean 
  • On/off switch located on the battery compartment 
  • Battery compartment on the back of the Riester ri-focus headband 
  • Operates with non-rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Weight without batteries approx. 210g 
  • Battery operation: approx. 4hrs with lithium batteries, approx. 90min. with alkaline batteries Type AAA.

The ri-focus LED headlamp can be ordered with non-rechargeable batteries. Thanks to its battery operation, there are no distracting power cables and the ri-focus LED headlamp can be used as a mobile unit.

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