Baktolin Sensitive disinfectant (1000 ml)

Baktolin Sensitive disinfectant (1000 ml)
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Premium wash lotion for particularly gentle cleansing of highly stressed skin. Baktolin Sensitive is available in a bottle of 1000ml.

Baktolin sensitive is suitable for the gentle cleansing, and contains particularly moisturising and replenishing substances. Bisabol as active substance of chamomile, and Hamamelis as herbal extract of witch hazel have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. For being a natural moisturising factor (NMF), Urea is also available in the skin – it possesses a wound-healing effect and moisturises the stratum corneum. The disinfectant Baktolin Sensitive 1000ml of Bode is a gentle washing lotion for cleaning and care of fatigued skin. Thanks to substances that nourish the skin, the disinfectant enhances the regeneration of the skin and has anti-inflammatory and soothing activity. In most areas of hygiene washing hands too often. However, handwashing does not ensure adequate reduction of germs, while stress on the skin.

The shorter the duration of the washing of hands, the lower the stress of the skin. Hand washing is right before the beginning of the shift to remove any spores from the hands (the spores are not being removed by the use of alcoholic antiseptic for the hands), after using the toilet, when hands have visible dirt before from fagito.Rixte small amount (2ml) of the disinfectant Baktolin Sensitive wet sponge or cloth, then rinse with water. The disinfectant Baktolin sensitive placed into a container of 1000ml. Baktolin sensitive is suitable for sensitive and highly stressed skin. Its skin care substances – Bisabolol (chamomile), Hamamelis and Urea – effectively support the skin’s regeneration and have soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.
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Material safety data sheet Baktolin Sensitive

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