MoonBeam3 disinfection UVC unit

MoonBeam3 disinfection UVC unit
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MoonBeam3 disinfection UVC unit for fast, on-demand disinfection of high-touch surfaces in patient rooms, operating rooms and bathrooms, fixtures, monitors etc

MoonBeam3 disinfection UVC unit to equip your facility with the added assurance of UVC disinfection

A game-changing angle for targeted disinfection

This portable, powerful solution disinfects quickly, reliably and responsibly. MoonBeam3 is designed for fast, on-demand disinfection of high-touch surfaces in patient rooms, operating rooms and bathrooms and can be used on patient care equipment, fixtures, keyboards, monitors and work stations on wheels (WOWs)

Three individually-adjustable, articulating arms can be positioned at almost any angle to target the UVC light, enabling improved UNC dosing with reduces energy. Users can position the heads to optimize UVC dosing of surfaces and equipment. This flexible device is easily positioned throughout a room or facility to enable fast and positioned throughout a room or facility to enable fast and effective disinfection cycles.

Cost-effective disinfection assurance

MoonBeam3 is affordable to own and operate. It is quick and easy to use, with operation cycles as short as 3 minutes. Its unique design allows the device to be used in more places and its targeted, high - efficiency dosing increases speed. MoonBeam3 adds assurance above and beyond your manual cleaning and disinfection process, reducing the risk for patients and staff. It is simple to use and periodic maintenance is limited to bulb replacement, with no tools required.

Portable & Vesatile

MoonBeam3 is ultra portable, and takes less than a minute to set up, making it ideal for inclusion with environmental services carts and as part of every cleaning and disinfection workflow.

Optimal Patient Outcomes

  • Highly effective – Targeted UVC light provides optimal disinfection in as little as 3 minutes
  • Strong coverage and penetration – Adjustable coverage with high intensity
  • Material compatibility – Safe and effective for hard surfaces
  • Nontoxic – No fumes or chemicals
  • Ideal for key healthcare surfaces – Bed rails/controls, call box/buttons, phones, over-bed tables, bedside tables, patient, monitors, IV poles, toilet seats, and grab bars, sinks, keyboard/monitors and portable equipment.
  • Easy to locate - Ideal for frequent use in every room where patient care and procedures take place
  • Cost effective – Low operating cost and minimal maintenance.


  • UVC head physical range: 15cm to 210c high
  • Cycle time in seconds: 90, 180, 300, 600
  • Applied does: >75mJ at 61cm, 180 seconds
  • Device weight: 17Kg complete, Base unit: 13kg
  • Enviromental: No ozone generation, high output UVC lamps
  • Device Size: 38cm c 112cm
  • Acoustic noise: negligible db
  • PowerL 100-120V~, 3.2A, 50/60Hz, 200-240V~, 1.6A, 50/60Hz

One year Return-to-Factory warranty on the MoonBeam3 device, excluding bulbs. No tools required for bulb replacement.

This product is in conformity with the requirements of EC Council directive MDD93/42/EEC and satisfies the Class A limits of IEC60601-1-2. Conforms to IEC/EN/UL 61010-1, Certified to CAN/CSA Std C22.2, Nos. 61010-1

25 kg