Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope
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Dermlite DL4W 4th generation dermatoscope with brighter white illumination in polarized and non-polarized mode with smooth, improved, aluminum exterior.

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Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope offers the most refined vision in dermatoscopy. The newest 4th generation Dermlite dermatoscope achieves brighter white illumination in both polarized and non-polarized modes. With an amazingly smooth, ergonomically optimized all-aluminum exterior that is as easy to disinfect as it is comfortable to molds to the hand. The DermLite DLW4 dermatoscope offers unprecedented flexibility, the largest optics of any pocket-sized Dermlite telescope and instant on/off control right at user's fingertips.

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope is equipped with a larger lens and smaller package. It features substantially brighter polarized & non-polarized white illumination compared to the DL4 model, features a large field of view and is over 25% smaller than the previous generation.

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope provides quick workflows to the user. It uses snap connectivity to achieve groundbreaking convenience and fast workflows. Not only can the glass faceplate (with a 10 mm reticle) be simply snapped on and off, but the mobile devices - iPad, iPhone or other smartphones - can also attach magnetically (via an optional connection kit, sold separately), allowing you to transition between taking clinical and dermatoscopic images faster than ever before.

DermLite DL4W dermatoscope covers the user referring to infection control. The Dermlite brand has created the polarized non-contact dermoscopy, significantly reducing the risk of cross-infection. The DermLite DL4W dermoscope features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface allowing for quick disinfection. When direct skin contact is required, the DL4W's IceCap infection control and epidemiology system covers the user from risk. Disposable IceCap cups with a snap-on IceCap attach to the glass faceplate and can significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope offers smooth, fast and precise movements.

A newly developed DL4W retractable glass faceplate design allows you to transition between non-contact & contact methods more smoothly than ever before and allows you to accurately focus your image while making contact with the skin.

Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope offers the possibility of deeper vision even in the battery. The Dermlite DL4W dermoscope's high-power LEDs and rechargeable battery produce light in a highly efficient manner. The Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope now features a more detailed four-level charge indicator so the user knows when the battery is running low. If the user needs to recharge, they can do so from any USB port using the standard Micro USB to USB cable included with each DL4W.

With its elegance and compact form, the Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope is simply the most capable dermatoscope available. 

The package of the Dermlite DL4W dermatoscope includes:

  • DermLite DL4W device
  • USB charger, leather case
  • Silicone pouch, lens cloth
  • 5 IceCapinfection infection control caps.

Compatible Accessories for Dermlite DLW4 dermatoscope:

  • Button for DL4
  • Charging Base for DermLite DL4
  • DL4 Small Area Contact Plate
  • DL4 Battery
  • IceCap® for DL4 & Foto X
  • Leather Pouch for DL4

Warranty: 5 years

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