Dermlite carbon dermatoscope

Dermlite carbon dermatoscope
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Dermlite carbon dermatoscope, for precise skin examination, with x10 magnification, 16 LED lights, 2CR5 lithium battery, and silicone case with lanyard.

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Dermlite Carbon dermatoscope, is an advanced dermatoscope for skin examination with precision, featuring cutting-edge technology for enhanced diagnostic clarity. It provides direct control of switching imaging of lesions from surface structures to deeper pigments by separately activating two groups of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), each with a separate polarization.

The first group of 8 LEDs produces cross-polarized light, ideal for imaging deep structures, while the second group of 8 LEDs is linearly polarized, giving you a clear rendering of the skin surface. Dermlite Carbon dermatoscope's, 16 LEDs are powered by the same highly efficient, long-lasting lithium battery that powers the original DermLite DL100.

Package of Dermlite carbon dermatoscope includes:

  • The DermLite Carbon
  • A 2CR5 lithium battery
  • A silicone pouch with a lanyard

Dermlite carbon dermatoscope features:

  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • 10x magnification with high-quality optics
  • Cross-polarized and non-polarized lighting modes
  • Retractable glass faceplate with 15 mm scale
  • LED lighting with adjustable intensity
  • Portable and ergonomic design for ease of use.
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