Resmed ClimateLine Air CPAP heated tubing

Resmed ClimateLine Air CPAP heated tubing
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Resmed ClimateLine Air CPAP heated tubing designed to maintain the proper temperature and humidity of the air in the tube before reaching the mask.

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Resmed ClimateLine Air CPAP heated tubing designed to maintain the temperature of the liquefied air as it passes through the tube so that the appropriate moisture required reaches the mask.

ClimateLine Air CPAP heated tubing is a small, thin mask tube with a diameter of 19mm and a length of 2 meters, which offers more flexibility and less mask resistance for a more comfortable sleep.

Thanks to the Climate Control temperature sensor integrated in the end of the tube mask, the air temperature is always monitored and kept constant. The tube temperature can be adjusted anywhere between 16 and 30oC. The Climate Control algorithm automatically adapts to changes in environmental conditions, while maintaining a comfortable level of humidity, even if the temperature drops overnight. The smart ResMed technology that provides air at a constant temperature and humidity, protects you from the moisture that accumulates in the pipe.

The ClimateLine Air heated tubing is used by the CPAP AIRSENSE 10 series. If the ClimateLine heated tubing circuit is installed on other types of CPAP machines, it can significantly reduce the overall mask pressure and cause abnormal outlet pressure for Auto CPAP machines.

The ClimateLine Air heating tube circuit from Resmed in combination with the HumidAir humidifier allows you to enjoy a controlled flow of temperature, throughout the night.

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