Weinmann JOYCE Full Face Gel Mask

Weinmann Joyce Full Face Gel Mask
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Weinmann's JOYCE Full Face Gel Mask is the only full face gel mask which is truly modular.

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All the benefits of a JOYCE mask, but with a gel cushion.

Weinmann's proven range of CPAP therapy masks now features the fantastic new modular JOYCE Full Face Gel Mask. Just like the nasal masks, you will have all the same benefits, such as the mask's contoured fit, convenient handling and clever design. Compared to other full-face masks, the small and light JOYCE Full Face provides greater wearing comfort.

  • Proven ball-and-socket joint
  • Anatomical fit for greater wearing comfort
  • Easy to fit
  • Very quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient handling (e.g., easily attached to mask seal)

Modular - Simply Swap the Seals

What really sets the JOYCE Full Face apart from any other full face mask is its modular structure. The mask body can be combined with a variety of seals so you can pick your favourite from the Gel, Silicone and "Plus" seal.

This one comes with the Gel ring and because Weinmann is Germany's biggest CPAP therapy products supplier, you can expect a top quality full face gel mask that is built to last. When the gel seal has worn out you can simply replace the seal, you don't need the entire mask again. This makes the Weinmann JOYCE range an excellent long-term investment as it allows for cost savings further down the line.

The JOYCE Full Face Gel's unrivalled wearing comfort distinguishes the newest generation of individually assembled masks.

The JOYCE Full Face Gel features:

  • The only gel mask with ball-and-socket joint
  • Adaptive Gel layer provides a very good fit
  • Pleasantly soft feel, very light
  • Mask seal & forehead cushion of gel
  • Coated with skin-friendly silicone, only the filling is made of gel
  • Particularly hygienic, thanks to single-layer mask seal
  • Familiar Joyce modular system

HEADstrap: Top Class Headgear

The overall wearing comfort of a ventilation mask depends on how well the mask fits, how easy it is to use and how comfortably the fasteners fit. HEADstrap, Weinmann's new headgear for masks, fulfills all these requirements. The four-point headgear crosses over the back of your head. In contrast to conventional headgear, HEADstrap ensures that no pressure is applied to your neck. HEADstrap is suitable for every head size and is very easy to use. The slits through which the straps slide permit a wide range of adjustments. The strap across the back of the head can be fitted to any head size quickly and easily.

The circular opening holds the headgear firmly in place on the back of the patient's head and thus makes annoying slips a thing of the past. The crosswise strap construction provides even more stability. HEADstrap is made of a breathable, skin-friendly material and is delivered with either headgear clips.

Sizing Gauges
Look for the sizing guide above to find the best size for your face.
If in doubt about the size or the gauge gives a borderline measurement, pick the larger one.

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Full face mask

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