Weinmann prismaAQUA humidifier

Weinmann SOMNOaqua humidifier
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Weinmann prismaAQUA humidifier is used with prismaLINE CPAP devices to treat patients who complain of dry upper airways or cold respiratory air.

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Weinmann prismaAQUA humidifier is equipped with a large water reservoir (about 400ml). The heating or moistening arrangements and power supply carried by the apparatus. Weinmann prismaAQUA humidifier is easy to fill and clean!

The Weinmann humidifier prismaAQUA was developed especially for integration inFor prismaLAB, prismaCR, prisma25ST, prisma25S, prisma20A, prisma30ST and prisma30ST-C.

Weinmann humidifier prismaAQUA Technical data

Operation temperature: +5°C to +37°C
Storage temperature: -25°C to +70°C
Maximum filling volume:  400 ml
Pressure drop: The pressure drop across the device combination of WM 100 TD therapy device and WM 100 TH respiratory air humidifier does not increase.
Warming of respiratory air: max. +3°C
Maximum flow: 248 l/min
Maximum permitted operating pressure: 40 hPa
Gas leakage at max. operating pressure:  0.0 l/min

The BiPAP & CPAP devices are not included

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