bedfont New Micro Smokerlyzer

New Micro Smokerlyze
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The bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer monoxide monitor is the leader in a new generation of breath carbon monoxide monitors.

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The bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer is a low cost and visually motivational CO monitor. The traffic light LEDs display smoking status while the large LCD screen gives readings in exact ppm and %COHb. The bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer allows the user to switch from an adult to an adolescent/pregnant mother setting, lowering the ppm cut-off points between levels of smoking status. Cardboard mouthpieces are connected to the bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer via a breath sampling D-piece, which incorporates a one-way valve and an infection control filter proven to remove 99.9% of airborne bacteria. The bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer motivates smokers to quit and is easy to read the display with instant results. The bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer is very easy to use, with automatic calibration (no need for screwdrivers etc). The bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer also used for the screening of CO poisoning and smoke inhalation. Unlike some other CO monitors, the bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer  has no internal battery, so there are no expensive surprises to worry about. bedfont Micro Smokerlyzer comes complete with the following accessories:

  • 10 x D-Pieces
  • 3 x Sample Mouthpieces
  • 1 x How to use/calibrate DVD
  • 1 x COdata+ PC Software & USB Lead
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x MaternityCO Pack
  • 1 x A2 Reading Poster
  • 2 X AA Battery
  • 50 steribreath mouthpieces
  • 50 wipes

The product is original from Bedfont Company and is imported from parallel company of European country.

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