Drager alcotest 7510

Drager alcotest 7510
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The Drager alcotest 7510 is a compact and robust handheld breath alcohol measuring instrument, especially designed for advanced screening applications.

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Ideal for use by police as well as in commerce and industry as an alcohol screening device, it can also be used for evidential testing purposes, subject to relevant local and market sector approvals.

Hygienic, easy to use and providing fast, accurate and reliable results in an easy to read format, it can be easily adapted to meet different international regulations and guidelines.

Flexible data management featuring a large data memory and easy data transfer to a mobile printer or PC, this intuitive system can also be used with GPS and Li-Ion battery technology.

The device has a simple, three button operation and is designed for ambidextrous, single-handed use. Housed in a non-slip rubber mantle complete with wrist strap for added security, it features a large, high resolution, monochrome graphic display and multi-lingual text.
Designed with different environments in mind, it also incorporates an innovative transflective display to ensure that it can be read easily in bright sunlight.
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