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Littmann is a 3M brand and manufactures the well-known Littmann stethoscopes, which are recognized diagnostic tools used daily by millions of healthcare professionals around the world. Every Littmann stethoscope provides leading innovations in the field of medical diagnosis. What makes Littmann a leader in stethoscope manufacturing is the company's reliability in using advanced construction materials. As a result, Littmann presents precision stethoscopes that offer a high level of quality.

The first Littmann stethoscope was invented by doctor René Laënnec in 1816, it was simply a rolled-up paper tube that piped sounds from the patient's chest to his ear. In the early 1960s, Dr. David Littmann, M.D. (1906-1981) patented a revolutionary stethoscope design that was lighter, and more convenient to carry and use while having greatly improved acoustic performance.

Littmann checks and tests all stethoscopes to deliver the best level of sound, weight, and build quality. They feature numerous Littmann innovations such as adjustable diaphragms, ambient noise reduction, and even stethoscope connectivity via Bluetooth. Littman today has expanded the capabilities of stethoscopes far beyond the first classic stethoscopes.

In, you can find Littmann stethoscopes such as cardiology, nursing, pediatric, and students stethoscopes, and also, classic, lightweight, electronic, etc.