i-STAT Portable Clinical Analyser

i-STAT Portable Clinical Analyser
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iStat is an advanced handheld and test cartridge blood analysis system that delivers lab-quality results manufactured by Abbott

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i-STAT portable clinical analyser delivers lab-quality test results to the clinician within minutes
The portable i-STAT handheld makes patient-side testing easy:
  • requires no special sample preparation or user calibration; maintenance is minimal
  • weighs 18 ounces, making it completely portable
  • features ergonomically-designed soft keys for comfort and ease of use
  • Patient-side testing is as easy as entering the operator and patient information into the handheld, inserting one of the several testing cartridges, and then viewing test results:
  • The system prompts users step by step through the testing process
  • Operator and patient information can be entered via barcode scanner
  • Operator lockout prevents unauthorized users from performing or viewing test results
  • Test results are uploaded automatically when the i-STAT handheld is placed in a downloader
  • With over 50,000 handhelds placed in high-acuity settings worldwide–including over 1,800 hospitals—and over 35 million test cartridges produced annually, the i-STAT System is trusted to provide lab-quality results.
Critical test results in minutes helps with workflow efficiency
The i-STAT System represents the next step in the evolution of physician office testing. It allows your office to minimize treatment and follow-up delays that can result from sending patients to an off-site lab testing facility.
The i-STAT System delivers lab-quality results for a wide range of blood gas, chemistry, coagulation, and cardiac marker tests in just minutes, enabling faster diagnosis and treatment decisions during a patient’s office visit.
The i-STAT portable clinical analyser provides lab-quality results, right now: Results of multiple tests are available within minutes, right at the patient's side
Supports patient-centric care: Provides needed important test information to clinicians, while the patient is in the direct care of the clinician, reducing the need for additional follow up
Portable and easy to use: Ergonomic design with soft keys and easy-to-read display permits simple operation by medical staff
Optimizes process efficiency: Eliminates process steps and handoffs to help reduce errors and promote patient safety
One platform, multiple tests: A broad and expanding range of tests makes the i-Stat ideal for meeting a wide range of medical practice needs
The i-STAT portable clinical analyser supports quality and compliance: Complements the vital services that laboratory professionals provide to patients and their caregivers
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