Resistance bands

Resistance bands are an incredibly versatile exercise tool that can be used to help you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective way. They are designed to help you build muscle strength and improve your flexibility, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

Resistance bands can be used for a wide range of exercises, from upper-body strength training to full-body workouts and even core training. Fitness elastic bands can be used alone or in combination with other equipment such as dumbbells, free weights, and exercise machines. Loop bands can be used for strengthening, maintenance, recovery, physiotherapy, etc.

Using resistance bands you will be able to perform upper and lower body exercises, shoulder exercises, wrist exercises, biceps push-ups, triceps extensions, chest presses, etc. It's helpful to know that each band has a different resistance, so before you buy make sure you know your fitness level and the level of resistance you are using. 

In our online shop, you can find fitness bands and resistance bands for both new athletes and professionals. Through a wide range of different resistance bands and lengths choose the one that best suits your way of training.