beurer JBY 93 baby monitor

Beurer wrist baby monitor JBY 93 eco+
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Wrist baby monitor JBY 93 by beurer, in simple design and easy to use, to keep you always informed about your baby's movements.          

Wrist baby monitor JBY 93 eco+, manufactured by beurer, for the safety of your child, even when you are not beside him. There are many reasons that babies can bring their sleep, whether stomach ache, bad dreams or uncontrollable hunger. beurer has the right products to watch the baby so parents can rest easy and know that it's the little sprouts well.

beurer JBY 93 eco+ baby monitor bridges the physical distance in the best possible way and creates sound transmission through a special feeling of closeness and security. High ease of use, a variety of useful and innovative features and distinctive design makes the baby monitor to the electronic baby sitter class. Wrist baby monitor features eco mode +, which means safety and quality at the highest level. With the Eco + mode, you can use the radiation between baby and parent unit while your baby is quiet, completely off. This is for your baby's safety, because it is not exposed to unnecessary radiation. In addition, eco+ mode is used for a low emission and energy-efficient transmission.

Wrist baby monitor has digital wireless, 2 way communication, technology for excellent sound quality and handy wrist band for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. The Intercom feature allows you to quickly calm your baby through voice transmission. There is interference free transmission and 100% privacy by 69 different channels. There is also potential of optical noise monitoring by lit LEDs.

The range is up to 250 m and the sensitivity and volume are adjustable. It is ready without the hassle of searching a free channel and no installation required, as the device is ready for use once the receive. It runs with integrated rechargeable battery (Li-ion 2.4V) and the transmit frequency of baby monitor is 2.4 GHz.

The power supply voltage has input: 100 - 240 V AC / 50/60 Hz / 0.5 A and output: 6V DC / 0.5A.
The dimensions of the parent unit are 5.7 cm x 2.3 cm and the dimensions of baby unit are 7.8 cm x 3.9 cm.  

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