Yuwell YH-550 Αuto CPAP with humidifier

Yuwell YH-550 Αuto CPAP with humidifier
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Yuwell YH-550 Αuto CPAP with heated humidifier, recording of data, stored on a micro SD card, and with the possibility of registering the pressure.

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Yuwell YH-550 Auto CPAP is one of the most reliable devices for the treatment of sleep apnea. It also has a built-in heated humidifier and tubing, suitable for providing air at high pressure and capable to facilitate airway clearance.

The Yuwell YH-550 Auto CPAP device supplies high-pressed air through the mask to the wearer during sleep. Also, Yuwell YH-550 Auto CPAP supports data recording, through the monochrome display. It's easy to use, as you can control and adjust it from the rotary knob. Patient data is stored on an included micro SD card. Therefore, data interpretation software can be downloaded from the card as well as basic data analysis can be viewed directly on the device.

In the Yuwell YH-550 Auto CPAP, there is the possibility of registering the starting pressure and the upper pressure that the device can provide in order not to allow apnea. Yuwell YH Auto CPAP device is more comfortable because the pressure is lower and increases only in cases of apnea. In addition, the Yuwell YH-550 Auto CPAP has a setting that limits the pressure for a predetermined period of time to allow the user to fall asleep before high pressures are applied. This way the user can monitor his treatment.

Features for Yuwell YH-550 Auto CPAP:

  • Treatment method: CPAP, APAP
  • Pressure range: 4 ~ 20 cm H2O
  • Pressure accuracy: ± 0.5 cm H2O
  • Boost Time: 0 ~ 45 minutes
  • Power: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz DC 24 V
  • Automatic altitude compensation: 3500 m

The package includes:

  • Yuwell YH-550 automatic CPAP with built-in humidifier
  • 22mm breathing tube
  • Nasal mask
  • Power supply
  • Power supply cable
  • Set, 2 filters
  • Carrying bag
  • SD card
  • Instructions for use 

Comes with a warranty:

  • 2 years on the device
  • 1 year on the power supply
  • 90 days on the humidifier
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