Morfeus Auto CPAP

Morfeus Auto CPAP
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Morfeus Auto CPAP with a built-in humidifier and a multi-language software for data analysis & printing.

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Morfeus Auto CPAP has the ability of recording the treatment of the user on Micro-SD card and, setting treatment parameters from the PC using the software Morfeus View.

Morfeus Auto CPAP has alarm in case of power outage, and in case of air leakage.

Morfeus Auto CPAP includes auto-start & auto-off function, and clock & alarm clock function as well.

Morfeus Auto CPAP has a multi-language software for data analysis & printing.

It includes an integrated humidifier and the ramp operation has a range between 0-60 minutes.

It is a silent device as the noise level is at 30 Db.

Morfeus Auto CPAP includes a Three-level pressure reduction function at exhalation (EPS).

This device has a display of Apnea on the monitor (AHI) and includes a mask placement function.

CPAP Morfeus Auto device monitor’s brightness is adjustable and comes with a practical carrying and storage bag.

Warranty: 2 years

3 kg