Typanometer Interacoustics MT10P

Typanometer Interacoustics MT10P
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Portable typanometer MT10P by Interacoustics, with integrated printer

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MT10 is a portable handheld middle ear analyzer that provides quick and eliable results of middle ear conditions including ipsilateral acoustics reflex thresholds for up to four frequencies.

Objective Analysis

The MT10 automatic impedance audiometer is fast and easy to operate and provides objective measures that cannot be obtained by otoscopy alone. Easy and Fast
Results can be obtained quickly and easily with no response required from the patient. This is especially benefi cial when dealing with diffi cult-to-test patients or small children.
Clinical Application
The MT10 is also well suited for clinical use as tympanograms and refl ex responses are all recorded with great detail. The MT10 is therefore a competent tool for detecting the following conditions:
otitis media, perforated eardrum, clogged up tympanostomy tube, ossicular disruption, eustachian tube malfunction, tympanosclerosis, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, certain neurological disorders, post medical treatment fl uids, ”Glue” ear.
  • IPSI only
  • Reflexes (4 frequencies)
  • Screening audiometer
  • Stores 20 tests (40 ears)
  • Output to PC (to download to NOAH) for 8½x11 printout
  • Printer on base optional
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10 cm
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