Ear analyzer AT235XP / AT235hXP

Ear analyzer AT235XP / AT235hXP
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Diagnostic & clinical tympanometry AT235XP / AT235hXP with basic audiometry without thermal printer.

The AT235 is an automatic middle ear analyzer ideal for diagnostic and screening evaluations. Test batteries of the AT235 include standard tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral acoustic refl ex and refl ex decay, Eustachian tube function test and air conduction audiometry.

Automated tympanometry may be combined with 2 programmable refl ex test batteries. Further manual refl ex testing is available for more tests or to confi rm/modify automated refl ex results. The AT235 allows 78 refl ex tests per ear to be stored and printed. These capabilities provide the necessary tests for the majority of any clinic’s needs. The addition of high frequency probe tones to optimize tympanometry testing of infants is available with the AT235h model.

Timeless Design
The AT235 offers a timeless design that fi ts the modern clinic. Ergonomically designed and user friendly the AT235 can be used as a desktop and a portable instrument. With the built-in power amplifi er and test cavities it is easy and fast to set up and get started testing

Normal tympanometry
Interacoustics utilize two benefi cial techniques to acquire tympanograms. The fi rst is an ‘endless airfl ow’ technique which improves the instrument’s ability to obtain a tympanogram on diffi cult to test patients or when a slight leak is present. This prevents the system from continually resetting to continue the test. The second feature is an intelligently controlled pump system with an adaptive speed control. This feature combines a very fast test speed with high resolution of the tympanogram peak which might otherwise be obtained only with a slower pump speed.

AT235h - High frequency and manual tympanometry
The AT235h provides additional high-frequency probe tones for Y-component testing in addition to the traditional 226Hz tone. With the push of a single button, the AT235h will switch to a 678, 800 or 1000 Hz probe tone. A tympanogram that is recorded using a high frequency probe tone (e.g. 1000 Hz) is considered more suitable for screening neonates.
In addition to automatic mode, the pump action on the AT235h can be controlled manually. In this mode, pressure increase/decrease is controlled by keys on the front panel. Pressure speed can be toggled between three speeds.

User defi nable refl ex test
Two user programmable acoustic refl ex sequences are available allowing the user to defi ne a simple screening procedure for test A and a more in-depth evaluation as test B. These protocols may be programmed and/or selected by the push of a button.
The parameters for test A and B come with a factory default setting but are easily changed to better suit alternative clinical test routines. The protocols allow intensity presentations at fi xed levels, in auto threshold mode or a defi ned sequence to display refl ex growth. The AT235 allows mixing of ipsi and contra refl exes in the protocol as well as a variety of stimuli such as pure tones or noise bands. There are few limitations on storing and printing as 78 refl exes may be recorded per ear. All refl ex testing may be done manually in addition to the automated routines.

Decay – Contra and Ipsi
Acoustic refl ex decay testing is available with ipsilateral as well as with contralateral stimulation. The AT235 comes with a standard single TDH39 and a button insert receiver (CIR22) for stimulating the contralateral ear is available as an option

Eustachian tube function
The AT235 performs a single Eustachian Tube Function test suitable for use when the eardrum is intact. Instructions on the display guide the test. Three tympanograms are produced from which the condition of the Eustachian tube can be inferred. The AT235h has a further ETF test suitable for when the eardrum is perforated

Visual child distraction
The AT235 has a selection for a moving “choo choo train” on the screen to help keep the child distracted while running tympanometry tests.

Probe Systems
The AT235 is supplied with a combi probe system that is easily interchanged for screening and clinical testing purposes. The screening probe tip is ideal for quick tymps and a screening refl ex, while the diagnostic probe provides more stability for more lengthy exams that include tymps, refl exes, refl ex decay and ETF. The probe has a button for changing ears remotely from the AT235 and for starting and pausing the test.

A basic air conduction pure tone audiometry function is a standard feature on the AT235. Basic pure tone audiograms may be generated manually or with an automatic HL function. All that is required is the purchase of an optional, independent headset. For patient safety, the maximum output may be limited.

PC Integration, Printing and Reports
With the Diagnostic Suite software program the AT235 can interface directly to the Interacoustics OtoAccess™ database program or to NOAH on your PC. In either case, the Diagnostic Suite will make your reports stand out.

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