Diagnostic Audiometer AD226

Diagnostic Audiometer AD226
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Portable Health audiometer AD226 by INTERACOUSTICS, for airy-bone-SISI-ABLB-Stenger diagnosis

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The high quality of the AD226 makes it particularly well suited for any stationary or portable application where diagnostic testing of air and bone conduction thresholds is performed. The time saving automatic test function combined with the RS232 computer interface makes the AD226 ideal for modern healthcare environments. The Talk Forward function makes it easy to work with the AD226, especially with sound cabin installations. When connected to an MT10/ MTP10 Impedance system a complete diagnostic test set-up is available, including a thermal printer. Full NOAH compatibility completes the picture

Automatic Testing
The AD226 incorporates a facility for performing threshold determination automatically. The test procedure is based on either the Hughson-Westlake method (up 5dB, down 10dB) and conforms to ISO 8253 or on the OSHA procedure according to NIOSH. Desired test frequencies may be selected freely by the user. The Bekesy test, featuring pure tone, pulsed tone, narrow band noise or white noise as stimulus as well as masking with narrow band noise, is also incorporated. Upon test completion the test results can be recalled from memory of the AD226 or transferred to a PC for database storage or printing. 

ABLB / SISI / Stenger / Langenbeck
As well as the pre-programmed ABLB and 
SISI tests, the AD226 can perform the 
Stenger test for evaluating malingering.
The Langenbeck Tone in Noise test is also included

Insert Phones
EarTone 5A Insert Phones (optional) may be supplied in addition to the standard TDH39 audiometric headset.
These insert phones provide very low cross hearing and effectively reduce the need for  masking. Ambient noise is also attenuated.
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