Aspirator 3A AS-100

Aspirator 3A AS-100
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Aspirator AS-100 by 3A, polycarbonate tank with 1000cc and safety valve.

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The 3A Aspeed Professional aspirator is a piston-type electric aspirator. The 3A Aspeed Professional aspirator features an adjustable vacuum level from between 0 and 0.85 bar, and an air flow of 15 Lpm (single pump) or 22 Lpm (double pump).

The robust 3A Aspeed Professional aspirator also features a protective thernal cutout relay as well as a protective cap which prevents fluids from reaching the pump. The compact design of the 3A Aspeed Professional aspirator allows for efficient and effective functional aspiration, and is ideal for general practice, nursing homes and occupational health.

With great durability and high performance assured, the 3 Aspeed Professional aspirator requires no maintenance or lubrication and is easy to use. The 3A Aspeed Professional aspirator is available in three models - Single Pump with 500cc vase, Double Pump with 500cc vase and Double Pump with 1000cc Vase.
It's a medical device for professional surgical aspiration.
With technical data for single pump version, low flow - high vacuum and air flow at 15 lt/min.
With adjustable vacuum level at 0 ÷ - 0.85 bar (0 ÷ - 85 kpa) adjus and continuous operating cycle.
The noise level (at 1 mt) is at 55 dba. It weights 3.5 kg.
Equipped with a clavable polycarbonate jar 1000cc, with safety valve (overflow protection), disposable suction liner 1000cc. 99% antibacterial hydrophobic filter + 1 spare, sterile, disposable cannula. Sterile, disposable, manual flow regulator. Also has a set of atoxic sterilizable silicone tubes and a power cord.
It has a 3 years guaranteed.
150 cm
150 cm
150 cm
5 kg
Data sheet
Flow rate
15 L/min