Deconex Solarsept Disinfectant 0,5L

Deconex Solarsept Disinfectant 0,5L
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Ready to use, alcoholic disinfectant with rapid effect. For spray- and/or wipe disinfection of small surfaces including such of medical devices

Deconex SOLARSEPT is used for disinfection at places, where a short exposure and drying time is demanded, where surfaces are hardly reachable and where water sensitive surfaces are to be disinfected.
Such places and objects, respectively, are check up beds, operation tables, other working surfaces, surfaces of medical devices and equipment and surfaces of furniture. deconex SOLARSEPT is being used in hospitals, long term care facili­ties, private medical and dental practices, old people‘s homes, medical laboratories and tattoo salons. 

Deconex SOLARSEPT is an extremely fast acting disinfectant. An expos­ure time of 30 seconds only is sufficient to kill bacteria, fungi and even tuberculosis bacteria. Also rotavirus and HCV are completely inactiva­ted within 30 seconds. Inactivation of HBV/HIV requires one minute and that of noroviruses 2 mi­nutes. This broad and rapid effect is achieved with a formula which contains neither formaldehyde nor glutaraldehyde or any other aldehydic ingre­dient. The extremely rapid, microbicidal effect and the short drying time are cutting the idle hours of the treated objects. The fresh and pleasant odor of deconex SOLARSEPT is ano­ther considerable advantage for the users as well as for other exposed persons. 

Deconex SOLARSEPT is a ready to use disinfectant. This is normally used in a wiping process. The product is applied directly onto the surface to be treated or onto a clean cloth using a dispenser. deconex SOLARSEPT can also be sprayed. This type of application should however only be used for more complex and inaccessible surfaces that cannot be wiped. A complete wetting of surfaces with deconex SOLARSEPT is a prerequisite for full microbicidal efficacy. Usually, a quantity of 20-25 ml/m2 is needed.

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