Bacillol 30 Foam disinfectant 750ml

Bacillol 30 Foam disinfectant 750ml
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Aldehyde-free, material-friendly rapid disinfectant for disinfecting sensitive surfaces. Available in 750ml.

Thanks to its special formula, Bacillol 30 Foam 750ml is well suited for the rapid disinfection of alcohol-sensitive surfaces such as patient stretchers with artificial leather cover, monitors, displays, keyboards, and control panels of portable and stationary devices, and for the gentle disinfection of sensitive medical devices. Can also be applied as spray foam. The Bacillol 30 Foam is bactericidal against the yeast, virucidal against enveloped viruses ( incl. The HBV virus, HIV, HCV). Active against nor mice (MNV), the polyomavirus, and rotavirus.

The disinfectant Bacillol 30 Foam can be used as a foam, in combination with a special foaming spray head, or as a liquid. It does not contain dyes and fragrances. For rapid disinfection of surfaces by spraying/cleaning cloth in all areas requiring rapid and efficient disinfection. Suitable for use in sensitive synthetic materials not resistant to high concentrations of alcohol. For the disinfection of vertical surfaces, e.g. displays and monitors, and uneven surfaces such as keyboards and control panels, we recommend spraying a sufficient amount of Bacillol 30 Foam on a clean disposable cloth to completely and thoroughly wipe the surfaces to be disinfected. Please make sure that no disinfection solution gets inside the device.
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Safety Sheet Bacillol 30 Foam

Material safety data sheet Bacillol 30 Foam

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