Anti - decubitus cushions

Anti-decubitus cushions are designed to reduce pressure or prevent reclining. They are commonly used by people who spend long periods of time sitting or lying down, such as wheelchair users, bedridden patients, or people with limited mobility. They are made of high-quality materials that provide comfort and support, ensuring optimal pressure relief and promoting healthy blood circulation. 

Unlike regular pillows, anti-decubitus cushions are designed to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas of the body that are prone to developing squats. They are usually made of multiple air cells which provide optimal support and pressure relief or gel, silicone, memory foam material, etc. Designed to promote healthy blood flow by reducing pressure on blood vessels and capillaries. 

Anti-decubitus cushions are available in various designs to choose the one that best suits your needs. At, you can find invalid ring cushions, wheelchair redistribution air cushions with electric pumps, air cell cushions, etc.

Seat cushion with gel
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Seat cushion with gel memory foam material suitable to prevent skin breakdown. In a zipper pillow case in 45 x 40 x 7.5cm dimensions.
Herdegen seat cushion
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Herdegen seat cushion made of Gel 2D with a 3D cover which provides maximum relief from pressure on vulnerable areas of bone.