Omnifix® E adhesive tape 10cm x 10m

Omnifix® E adhesive tape 10cm x 10m
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Omnifix® E adhesive tape 10cm x 10m with skin-friendly non-woven polyester and synthetic rubber adhesive material.

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Omnifix® Ε is a self-adhesive, non-woven fabric for complete-cover dressing tape. It is non-irritant, ensures patient comfort, and enables simple and accurate application for the user.

Omnifix® Ε is extremely soft and permeable to air and water vapor. The skin functions are barely disturbed, enabling even large body areas to be covered completely without causing maceration. 

A synthetic adhesive with excellent strength enhances the non-irritant properties of Omnifix® E yet can be removed painlessly without leaving residues. The non-woven, elastic support allows the dressing to be securely and smoothly applied to joints and angular parts of the body; movement is not inhibited.

Omnifix®does not absorb X-rays and thus may be left in place during radiography. If necessary, Omnifix can be sterilized by radiation.

Adhesive tapes by Hartmann available in roll package with dimensions 10cm x 10m

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