MIR Minispir spirometer with oximetry

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MIR MiniSpir spirometer with SpO2 module is a portable all-in-one solution for spirometry via PC, through powerful WinSpiroPRO software


The MIR MiniSpir PC Based spirometer with oximetry is the most convenient way to access a mini-laboratory for complete respiratory analysis in one small device.

The MiniSpir PC Based spirometer plugs directly into the USB socket and provides real time flow/volume loops and volume/time curves with PRE/POST comparison and provides bronchial provocation testing that includes the new mannitol protocol with FEV1 response curve. Some of the features included are advanced spirometry test interpretation with pediatric incentive animations and lung age estimation (ELA). Ideal and easy solution for custom made applications.

The MIR MiniSpir PC Based spirometer has spirometric parameters FVC, VC, IVC, MVV, PRE-POST BD and internal temperature sensor for automatic BTPS conversion available with disposable or reusable digital turbine flow meters used worldwide by over 50,000 physicians.

Technical specification:

- Temperature sensor: semiconductor (0-45°C)

- Flow sensor: bi-directional digital turbine

- Flow range: ± 16 L/s

- Volume accuracy: ± 3% or 50 mL

- Flow accuracy: ± 5% or 200 mL/

- Dynamic resistance at 12 L/s: <0.5 cmH2O/L/s

- Communication port: USB

- Power Supply: line powered from USB port

- USB port Dimension: 52x128x26 mm

- Weight: 65 grams

Technical specifications for the MIR Minispir spirometer with oximetry:

- SpO2 range: 0-99%

- SpO2 accuracy: ± 2% tra 70-99%

- SpO2 Pulse Rate range: 30-300 BPM

- Pulse Rate accuracy: ± 2 BPM or 2%

Measured parameters for oximetry:

SpO2 [Baseline, Min, Max, Mean], Pulse Rate [Baseline, Min, Max, Mean], T90 [SpO2<90%], T89 [SpO2<89%], T88 [SpO2<88%], T5 [ΔSpO2>5%], Δ Index [12s], SpO2 Events, Pulse Rate Events [Bradycardia, Tachycardia]

The MIR Minispir spirometer measures and records all spirometric parameters:

FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, FEV1/VC, PEF, FEF25, FEF50, FEF75, FEF25–75, Lung Age, Extrap. Volume, FET, FEV3, FEV3/FVC, FEV6, FEV1/FEV6, FIVC, FIV1, FIV1/FIVC, PIF, VC, IVC, IC, ERV, Rf, VE, VT, tI, tE, VT/tI, tE/tTOT, MVV

Winspiro PRO® is compatible with Windows: XP, VISTA,7 and 8 Winspiro PRO®

No batteries required.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Type Portable
Flow rate 16 L/min

Mir Minispir spirometer

Mir Minispir spirometer brochure

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MIR Minispir spirometer with oximetry

MIR Minispir spirometer with oximetry

MIR MiniSpir spirometer with SpO2 module is a portable all-in-one solution for spirometry via PC, through powerful WinSpiroPRO software

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