Weiko Slim LED wall illuminator 3 panels BFLED503

Weiko Slim LED wall illuminator
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Wall illuminator slim LED 3 panels by Weiko for 80.000 hours life without maintenance, with advanced LED technology for uniform light diffusion.

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The wall illuminator 3 panels use LED technology for elimination of light flickering to reduce the radiologist eye fatigue. The body is composed of anti-scratch anodized aluminium. Wall illuminator switched on/off automatic, at the positioning/removal of the film. It emits a light more suitable to read x-ray film.

All Weiko Slim LED illuminations are adopted the advanced LED lighting system with luminance 3500cd / mq with more uniform light diffusion and the temperature of color reaches at 7200 ° K. The luminance can be adjusted with a dimmer in range by 30% up to 100%.

All components comply with the requirements of CEI, UL, DVE, IMQ and the unit meets the requirements of Directive Low Voltage Directive 73/23 EEC and the Electro Magnetic Compatibility 89/336 EEC. The wall illuminator has white acrilic sheet of 3 mm thickness and all components have a limited environmental impact.

Weiko Slim LED wall illuminator is ideal designed to offer 80.000 hours of work without maintenance. It is available at one (1), two (2), three (3) or four (4) separated panels.

The dimensions with one 3 panels are:

Width: 1177 mm

Height: 505 mm

Depth: 30 mm

Weight: 12 kg

12 kg