Zamst Wrist Wrap

Zamst Wrist Wrap
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Zamst Wrist Wrap is elastic and light wrist support that provides stability as well as freedom of movement.

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Elastic and light wrist support Zamst Wrist Wrap that provides stability as well as freedom of movement. Thumb hook makes the wrist wrap easy to put on and adjust with one hand.

Thanks to its elastic design, the Zamst Wrist Wrap supports movement and stabilizes the thumb-wrist junction. Zamst Wrist Wrap's compression and proprioception properties improve strength, gripping and natural protective reflexes. 

Thumb hook makes the Zamst Wrist Wrap easy to put on and adjust with one hand.

Non-slip inner tape prevents the band from rotating to deliver optimal support.

Dual-material design combines effective compression with easy natural movement.

Measure the circumference of the wrist at the narrowest part. if your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the one you like best based on its width.

Size of wrist wrap is small 474201 (13 - 17 cm) and Medium 474202 (15 - 21 cm).

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