Pharma-Foam tracheostomy wound dressings

Pharma-Foam tracheostomy wound dressings
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Pharma-Foam tracheostomy wound dressings, sterile foam dressings, suitable for the treatment of the tracheostomy wound, with ideal slit for the tubes

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Pharma-Foam tracheostomy wound dressings are sterile foam dressings and suitable for the treatment of the tracheostomy wound. These wound dressings are made of soft, thick and elastic polyurethane foam laminated with an outer most breathable polyurethane film. They have a high absorption capacity thus acting protective in the wound. Moreover, the specific slit of the wound dressings make easier the fitting to the tracheostomy.

Thanks to the polyurethane film on the outside of Pharma-Foam tracheostomy wound dressings provides dry but moist environment for the wound.

Pharma-Foam tracheostomy wound dressings is available in package of 10 pieces in various sizes:

6,5 cm x 6,5 cm

6 cm x 8 cm

8 cm x 8 cm

0.40 kg
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