Hydrofilm Plus adhesive dressings

Hydrofilm Plus adhesive dressings
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Transparent film dressings, latex-free, sterile and Individually sealed, by Paul hartmann.

Hydrofilm Plus is for use in the care and protection of light to moderate exudating wounds including minor cuts, burns and scrapes

  • High moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR)
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Transparent, waterproof film
  • Conform to body contours with a low profile
  • Numbered and colored application guides
  • Hydrofilm Plus includes an absorbent, non-stick pad
  • Prevents moisture build-up under dressings to avoid peel-off
  • Secures dressing on the skin comfortably for longer wear time
  • Allows wound assessment without dressing removal.
  • Enables patient to shower with dressing in place while providing
  • a barrier to bacteria.
  • Secure and reliable fit
  • Easy-to-follow steps that can be performed with one gloved hand
  • Hydrofilm Plus wicks exudate away from wound without
  • sticking to the wound bed.

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