Dermaplast Sport 19mm x 72mm (20pcs)

Dermaplast Sport
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Hartmann Dermaplast Sport wound dressings made of cushioned polyethylene foam with micro-perforations, indicated for pressure-sensitive areas

Hartmann DermaPlast sport wound dressings made of cushioned polyethylene foam with micro-perforations; also indicated for pressure-sensitive areas.

We all know the situation: one inattentive moment and it already happened: an opened knee, a cut finger, a scratched hurts and our first thought goes towards a band-aid. To treat these scenarios and minor wounds Hartmann developed an assortement of band-aids: DermaPlast.
Description : Low-irritant adhesive plaster available in different qualities; particularly absorbent pad which does not stick to the wound; with skin-friendly adhesive; adheres reliably; breathable.
Uses: For the treatment of minor injuries, suitable for sensitive skin. Ensure that the skin is dry and clean before application.
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Wound Dressing Type
Minor Injuries
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