Sterillium wet wipes

Sterillium wet wipes
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Sterillium disinfectant wipes can reliably reduce the danger of contact infections on hands, skin or small alcoholresistant surfaces.

The wipe soaked with Sterillium solution is effective against bacteria, mycobacteria (Tb), fungi and enveloped viruses (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV), as well as rotavirus. Skin caring additives protect hands and skin, even with frequent use. Reduction of the germ flora by more than 99.99 % within 30 sec.

Reliable hand disinfection when travelling
  • applicable everywhere
  • comprehensive spectrum of effect
  • particularly skin compatible
Areas of application
For hand and skin disinfection as well as for the disinfection of small alcohol-resistant surfaces in both professional and private spheres.
  • for the hands before and after the care of patients and injured
  • for practice-based physicians when making home visits
  • when travelling
  • for the decontamination of toilet seats, telephone receivers, toys
  • in the industry (pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, food processing)

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